The LORD established a Moral Law into Nature: and those who Conform their Moral Character into Accord with this Law make the Great Achievement and thus, come to be Blessed with Happiness and Contentment in Life; but those who refuse to Adhere to the Law Curse themselves to an existence of Loneliness and Grief, as a Natural Recompense for their unwavering and relentless Defiance of the Majestic Law.

For the Truth is this, founded on the Facts of Nature, orchestrated by the LORD:

  1. Happiness is the Result of forming and maintaining a Faithful and Harmonious Love Relation with your Soul Mate; the one who is the perfect match for you under the Polar Law, the one who was Created for you, and you alone, and you for them: Psychically, Spiritually and Physically.
  2. Contentment is the Result of rendering Service, in accordance with your innate Gifts and Talents, to your Community or to Society in a Spirit of Altruism, all in return for an Equivalent Compensation in Proportion to the Use Value they Received from your Service; as so that, under the Royal Order, a Fair Exchange has been paid in return for the Supply of the Material and Labor that your Ideal Lifestyle demands.

This is to Live the Greater Life, and it cannot be lived until the Great Achievement has been made.

The Great Instruction

The Great Instruction is the Manual to making the Great Achievement.

Putting it into Practical Application on the Stage of Life follows three Processes; which are these:

  1. Learn the Expressions and Operations of violating the Moral Law (by reading this book over and over again), which results in gaining the Awareness and Understanding of what Cause produces which Effect in Human Relations; or, what Thought-Impulse translates itself into what correspondent Action, and what Manner of Response it Instinctively tends to Elicit in our: Soul Mate, Friends, Family Members, Associates, and Fellow Citizens (which makeup our Kinship),
  2. Observe these Revelations made manifest on the Stage of Life, which is through your ongoing daily experiences made up of your Exchanges with People and Media, all the while solemnly Meditating upon the Facts and Evidence gained thereby in the Pursuit of Discerning the Patterns in Human Nature, which divide themselves up as Acts that may then be separated and classed as either Moral or Immoral, each in accord with their Results upon the Self and simultaneously our Kinship, and
  3. Seek to use the forthcoming Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding to better Effect in the course of Soul Evolution by Conforming your Moral Character into Accord with the Moral Law; and seek also to Live your Life under its Royal Order, which is a Balance of the Scales: it demands a Compensation for every Service Rendered and a Debt collected for every Crime Committed.

This is the Exact Pathway that lays the Foundation to the Living of the Greater Life; for only once the Foundation of Moral Character has been laid, can we erect an enduring Temple of Success – which will be measured in Direct Proportion to the Extent of the Altruistic Impact we produce in Uplifting our Kinship’s Souls and Lives.

But this Discipline introduces a Problem, which first requires insights into Mind Operation...

The Great Problem

When a Thought-Impulse passes into our Consciousness we then decide whether to:

  1. Inhibit or Stop it,
  2. Form it into an Intention, which is a Desire mixed with an Emotion, or
  3. Let it Translate itself into the forthcoming Act.

There are Twenty Destructive-Impulses we are, through our Sinful Nature, susceptible to giving Admission, Submission and Expression to.

When we give them such, they manifest themselves as certain Destructive-Acts, which tend to Trigger the Instinctive Channels of our Kinship. These Triggered Reactions sow the seedlings that give flower to Resentment in them towards us, which leads to Discord and Disharmony in our Relations with them, whether silently harbored in their Minds or spoken confrontationally in their Words.

The Great Instruction, therefore, is the Process of bringing every one of these Destructive-Impulses (and thus their corresponding Destructive-Acts) under the Power and Dominion of our Volition or Will Power; so that we naturally establish the necessary Conditions that manifest Peace and Harmony in all our Relations with our Kinship, in both matters of Domestic and Public Affairs.

This is to have become a Master or an Exemplar of the Law.

The Great Solution

The Great Achievement is to have successfully defeated our own Sinful Nature; composed of:

  1. The Destructive-Impulses which attempt to take rule and reign over your Consciousness and deter your Sensory Perception of the Great Unfoldment, and
  2. The Destructive-Acts they thereby produce in and after having Admitted and Submitted to the Thought-Impulse back of it, along with
  3. The Disservices and Crimes those Destructive-Acts naturally commit against your Kinship (which is the inevitable Outcomes of Failure to Conform our Moral Character with the Moral Law).

Only when we Identify and Recognize these Destructive-Acts for being such, do we then tend to give ourselves warrant for taking Advantage of the Opportunities to Recognize ourselves Enacting them, and thereafter start working at Refraining from Enacting them in the Future.

Through a rank and file of Trials and Errors composed of repeated occurrences of Trying and Failing to Defeat each and every Individual Destructive-Impulse we’re err to, do we, at long last, succeed at gaining complete and utter Mastery and Control over all of them, which is to have  made the Great Achievement.

Thus, the entire Aim of this Book of Instruction is to:

  1. Aid you in Recognizing which Destructive-Acts are currently Habitual for you (and thus might be outside your current Conscious Awareness), so that you are thus Empowered to put in the Personal Effort required to refrain from Enacting them,
  2. Enlighten you as to the current and true Status of your Moral Character, which is your Starting Point in seeking after your own Soul Evolution, for we must know what not to do before we can stop doing it, and also know what not to think before we can stop thinking it, and finally,
  3. Encourage you to stay committed to overseeing The Great Instruction through to Completion in your own Life, so that you would come to have your Consciousness saturated with Peace of Mind, Joy and Love, and the rewards of Recognition, Prosperity and Liberty upon the Stage of Life.

Thus, presented in this Book of Instruction are the Destructive-Impulses in all their Horror and Gore; each in regard to their:

  1. Operations (so that you might be enlightened to Identify them being aroused and active in other People in the Human Relations you witness),
  2. Expressions (so that you might be capable of Identifying them in yourself, for the Purpose of Correcting them – and in others, for the increased understanding of Human Nature it brings you),
  3. Lures (so that you may resist the Temptations all Destructive-Acts offer in their immediate, and yet unforeseen fleeting futures, where their inevitable consequences lay), 
  4. Penalties (or the effect that which repeatedly Admitting, Submitting to, and Enacting them results-in in your corresponding undesirable Conditions and Relations), and finally,
  5. Remedies (so that you may have Means, Methods and Encouragements to Persist in your Personal Effort to make the Great Achievement).

So at long last, I introduce to you the Destructive-Impulses, your sworn enemies: