Short Stories


The Cyanide Test

An evil emperor imposes his will on the people and puts the Christians to the ultimate test of faith


The Golddigger

A woman attempts to swindle an old, rich man out of his fortune using her seduction skills


Armed Robbery

A look at how a woman outwits a thug who tries to rob her gas station


The Purified Priest

The past of an old, retired priest catches up with him after he has long forgotten his sins


Alien Abduction

A man admitted into a psychiatric hospital encounters a deranged lunatic with a far-fetched story to tell


The Emerald Ring

A war veteran befriends a little girl who moves him to tears over a mysterious past


The Crimson Confessional

A womanizer confesses his sins to a priest only to discover he's talking to the wrong person


Marriage Confessions

A husband and wife finally share their deepest, darkest secrets with each other

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