What You Should Say to People Who Crack Stupid Jokes about You and At Your Expense That Will Shut Them Up

Have you ever had someone crack a lame or stupid joke about you, maybe even one that others joined in with their laughter?

If so, how did you react to it?

Did you just remain silent and “take it,” meanwhile everyone else laughed along at your expense, if you were in a group?

Or did you meekly laugh along with it, even though you resented it, all because you wanted to fit in and not rock the boat or upset anyone by protesting?

Or did you even go to the extreme, show signs of irritation (which just made it more satisfying for the joke-teller) and lose your composure over it?

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Why Whining about Our Problems Makes People Resent Us and How It Can Doom All Our Relationships

Do you ever take it upon yourself to dump your problems on the people you talk to, and practically “force” them listen to your woes and complaints?

For example, and without invitation:

Do you ever complain about your relationships with the people in your life and whine about their behavior or how you don’t appreciate the way they treated you?

Do you ever bitch about the trials, tribulations and obstacles life throws your way?

Or do you ever whine about your health problems and complain about aches and pains, or start griping about your mental health issues?

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How to Talk to People and Keep the Conversation Going So It Never Fizzles Out and Makes Things Awkward

Do you struggle with starting small talk with people and then transitioning that into deeper, more meaningful conversation that establishes a connection with the other person?

Or do you find that your conversations either don’t get off the ground to begin with – or else they fizzle out quickly, perhaps making for an awkward silence?

Well, how would you like to learn a simple conversation strategy very few people know about that will make you an expert at striking up conversations with people and making connections with them very quickly?

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How to Create Strong Intimate Connections with People and Win a Special Place In Their Hearts Using a Simple Strategy

If you’re not currently the kind of person who knows how to talk to people in such a way that you quickly establish a strong connection with them, how interested would you be in learning how to do this?

Are you aware that some people have developed this ability and can often even connect much better and deeper with complete strangers than the connections those strangers have with the regular people in their lives?

But what’s the difference?

How can some people connect better with others, and often in a very short period of time, while other people sometimes have next to no connection with the people they’ve known for years?

Do you want to know the secret?

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A Terrible Mistake People Make When Starting a Conversation That Instantly Sabotages Any Hope of Creating a Connection

When someone attempts to engage you in conversation by asking you how you’re doing, how do you usually respond?

Do you answer them by simply saying “I’m good” and leave it at that?

If so, have you ever thought about what this does to the conversation?

Doesn’t it basically shut the communication down and bring the interaction to a stand-still?

I mean, if you offer the person nothing to go on – no material that they can capitalize and follow-up on – isn’t it likely the conversation will fizzle out before it even gets started?

So what can be done about that?

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A Guaranteed Way to Supercharge Your Powers of Influence with People So You Never Get Rejected

When it’s your turn to talk in a conversation, do you ever pay attention to the span of time you take up to say what you want before turning things back onto the other person?

Would you say it’s generally more or less than 15 seconds?

Why do I ask?

Well, did you know that powerful communicators almost always know what’s happening in the minds and internal thoughts of the people they talk to?

Isn’t that what makes them so influential – they know how people are responding internally to what they say?

But how did they come by this ability, and how can you do the same?

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The Best Way to Answer Nosy or Stupid Questions People Ask You without Making Things Awkward or Uncomfortable

How do you currently handle yourself when someone asks you questions that are either too forward, invasive or personal – or else just plain outright stupid, because the answers are so obvious?

Do you just unwillingly oblige the person asking and give them the answer they want, even though it might make you feel uncomfortable, annoyed, or even stupid?

Do you feel like you have to answer their questions because you don’t want them to think you’re being rude and impolite, or perhaps because you want to avoid making an issue out of it where a disagreement or even an argument might follow?

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Why People Throw Temper Tantrums and How to Handle Them without Unwanted Repercussions

Have you ever had someone throw a temper tantrum in your presence – and I’m not talking about a child here, but a full grown adult?

You know, when things didn’t go their way or they didn’t get what they wanted from a situation, they unleashed an aggressive outburst aimed directly at you?

If so, how did you handle yourself?

How did you respond to the situation?

Did you tremble in their midst, cave under the pressure their outburst created, and ultimately back down and submit to their “demands” or “wishes”?

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