10 Simple Words to Say to People Who Shamelessly Try to Guilt-Trip You That Will Stop Them Dead In Their Tracks

Do you have anyone in your life right now who tries to manipulate you into doing what they want by using guilt trips on you?

You know, in order to get you to bend to their whims and desires, they toy with your conscience and use it against you in a way that it makes you feel guilty for not doing what they want?

And then, doesn’t that guilty feeling often serve as motivation enough to make you actually do it?

Maybe you’re familiar with some of the common tactics used…

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How to Deal with Peoples’ Criticism without Losing Your Cool and Sacrificing Your Power Under the Fire

Can you remember the last time someone criticized you for something – or at any time for that matter?

How did it make you feel?

And perhaps more importantly, how did you find yourself reacting to the situation?

Did you become upset, insecure, and defensive and argumentative; then start trying to refute their criticism by denying, explaining, excusing or justifying yourself, your choices or your behavior, all in hopes of proving them wrong?

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How to Prevent People from Boring You with Their Endless Babbling and Tap Into Their Interesting Side Instead

Have you ever found yourself talking to someone who rambled on endlessly about themselves, their opinions, or even their complaints – basically about things you had zero interest in hearing about?

Gets pretty boring the longer you have to listen to them, doesn’t it?

But has it ever occurred to you that you never have to listen to people who bore you with their endless rambling?

I mean, don’t you really have it within your power to influence the conversation away from such topics whenever they arise?

Well, how would you like to learn some techniques you can use in future situations where someone’s boring you, all by taking control of the conversation in such a way that it puts an end to their boring rambling and steers it onto more mutually interesting topics?

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