You’ve had people make it clear they no longer want you in their life and have then alienated you before, right?

And doesn’t it hurt to have people abandon us? Don’t we suffer from a sense of loss over the end of the relationship, and no longer having those connections be a part of our lives anymore?

But were you ever at a loss as to the reasons why they removed you from their lives? Have you ever been confused or left in the dark as to why they would do something like that?

After all, if we knew the reasons, we could make changes to ourselves to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future with other people, couldn’t we?

How would you like to learn the major mistakes people make that push others away from us and cause friendships and relationships to end?

Wouldn’t this prevent you from having to go through losing people ever again? And isn’t that something incredibly valuable – to never have to lose important people in our lives ever again?

I’ve discovered there are 20 major ways we as people act that trigger a response in others that makes them want to leave and no longer want anything to do with us. I organized this information into a course called “Why People Reject Us and What to Do About It” that’s available for instant download.

I would recommend and encourage you to download a copy and go through it. And as you do, check yourself to see if you make any of the mistakes. You'll learn the reasons people have left you in the past.

And not only that it will empower you to know what to change about yourself, so you never have to lose any of the important people in your life again or go through the pain that often goes with it.

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