How to Make Effective Use of Eye Contact to Exude an Aura of Confidence and Charisma

January 14th, 2021

It’s no secret that the way we make eye contact with people reveals our level of confidence in ourselves and our ability to communicate well with them, is it?

But what makes for phenomenal eye contact? What makes it signal to others that we are not only self-assured, but that we also are truly tuned in and listening to what the people we talk to are saying?

With that said, how would you like to learn a simple technique to make eye contact with people that will quickly win their trust and respect?

After all, if we make little eye contact, won’t we betray our lack of confidence to others or that we have something to hide? Or if our eye contact is too strong and forced, will we not come off a little too intense and perhaps creepy?

But we don’t want any of that, do we? So what do we do?

Here’s how to make effective use of eye contact...

Whenever someone is talking to you, look them straight in the eye. When they break the eye contact, as the mostly likely will to think about what they’re saying, let your gaze linger on their eyes for a second to see if they look back. If they don’t, shift your gaze downward and to the left as you continue to listen to them intently.

But here comes the catch ... as you do this, use your peripheral vision to monitor where their eyes are looking and pay attention to when they look back at you while they’re speaking. When they look back at you, slowly shift your gaze back onto their eyes and hold it for as long as they do – unless of course it’s your turn to talk and you need to look away to gather your thoughts.

Keep repeating this process throughout your conversations.

As you practice using this simple technique and you get better at it, you will soon discover that people become very comfortable and open up to you rather quickly.

I’ve found this is a pivotal secret to using body language to convey a steady confidence, while indicating to others that you are truly intent on listening to them.

So I would encourage you to keep this in mind over the coming days and experiment with it. I can almost guarantee you that it will revolutionize the way you communicate with others non-verbally, and thus greatly improve your ability to connect with them!


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