What the Alexander Technique Is and How It Can Bring Out Your True Personality Which Will Command Peoples’ Respect

March 17th, 2021

Have you ever made a connection between the ways in which you speak and sound with how people receive and perceive you?

We all want to liked, accepted and respected, right? But what’s responsible for people giving us these things? What part of it is our responsibility? And what part of it lays on them?

Would you believe that a lot of it has to do with the way we speak and sound to people?

A great illustration is found in the Lion King where Simba’s trying to roar to frighten the hyenas off. His voice comes out weak and quiet. And it doesn’t work to scare off his adversaries. But then when Mufasa shows up and roars, the ground shakes and terrifies the hyenas and demonstrates who’s really in charge of the situation.

I’ve discovered the same principle is at play for us humans too. There really is an unspoken “dominance hierarchy” and people fit themselves into it based on can you guess what?

That’s right – by the way we sound and speak.

If we mutter and mumble and stammer, people assume we’re on the lower end of the hierarchy unconsciously and then treat themselves as being above us. But if we speak with resonance and conviction and our projection causes the sound of our voice to reach all corners of a room, people assume we’re higher up than them on this hierarchy and in turn give their respect, and even cater to us and look to us for leadership.

How do you sound when you speak? Do you talk quietly? Do you speak quickly? Do you talk in a high-pitched, shrill voice?

We’re so accustomed to the way we speak, we may not even be aware of how we speak, and because it’s been having the same effect on others for our entire lives, we probably don’t even know that we could have a different, better effect on them – if we spoke with more resonance and projection.

So what does this have to do with the Alexander Technique? And just what exactly is it? And how can it give you a more dominant and confident personality that people find attractive?

Well, I want you to think about the body for a moment, particularly the head, neck, jaw and chest areas. This is where our voices are produced.

But isn’t it true that our head and neck can weave themselves into an array of relationships with each other? For example, try pulling your jaw back and compressing it into your neck. Then try talking. The sound comes out stifled and quiet, doesn’t it?

Now, what if most of us are all holding our heads and jaws on our necks in different wrong ways out of habit that contracts and contorts our vocal tracts, thus hindering our voices from coming out resonate and clear. Not only that but what if we do it all the time without even realizing it because it feels so normal to us?

What the founder of the Alexander Technique discovered was that he too was holding his head and neck in certain wrong ways that prevented his voice from functioning properly. Over a period of time he made observations in front of some mirrors to see what he was doing. He noticed that every time he spoke, it would trigger a wrong use of his head, neck and back. Over apparently years, he finally taught himself to stop doing this, and then finally he spoke with his head, neck and back in the right placements or relationships with each.

He was said to have an incredibly striking speaking voice afterwards. I’m sure he commanded attention wherever he went just by opening his mouth. People probably gave him instant respect. In fact, I’m a little irked there are no recordings of his voice.

But we can look to people like Ian McKellen (Gandolf), Patrick Steward (Captain Picard), or Hugh Jackson (Wolverine). They’ve all studied it, and they all speak with force and power. I wish I could meet one of them one day just to hear what it sounds like in person.

At any rate, if you feel you don’t get the respect you deserve or command the attention you want, I can almost guarantee you it’s because of the way you speak when you talk to people.

And if you’re determined and committed to changing that, I would strongly encourage you to look into taking lessons in the Alexander Technique. You’ll learn how to coordinate your head, neck and back and your vocal mechanism so you produce confident strong clear sounds and words.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Just be sure you find a teacher that has taken the three year long training course and is certified by your country’s Alexander Technique society.


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